International Recruitment for Pneus Bélisle: a Successful Mission in Tunisia

With increased competition for talent, international recruitment is becoming a key strategy. That’s why the management of Pneus Bélisle called on AURAY Sourcing. In the video, they share their experience and the collaboration’s benefits.

AURAY Sourcing recently accompanied Groupe Univoque Pneus Bélisle on a recruitment mission in Tunisia. Through this collaboration, the business, which specializes in heavy truck tires and car mechanics, recruited 25 temporary foreign workers.

“One of AURAY’s strengths lies in its membership in the Grant Thornton International network, which has offices in some 100 countries, including Tunisia,” explains Caroline Comeau, Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant at AURAY Sourcing. The firm’s local presence greatly facilitates operations and is one of its distinctive aspects.

Maxime Gravel, co-owner and partner of the Pneus Bélisle branch in Laval, stresses the importance of communicating effectively with the technicians during the mission. “The candidate interviews allowed us to assess their resourcefulness in handling electrical and mechanical problems,” he says. By using tools similar to those in Quebec, hands-on and theoretical tests assessed the candidates’ car mechanics skills.

Human Resources also played a key role in the recruitment process. Hélène Beaudoin, the Human Resources Manager for Groupe Univoque Pneus Bélisle, said that interviews were conducted to assess whether candidates’ values were similar to the business’s. Pneus Bélisle has previously called on international workers for its retreading plant in Saint‑Jérôme, having hired four employees from Madagascar and Mauritius. So, it was not in uncharted waters.

Krisztina Nagy, the General Manager of Groupe Univoque Pneus Bélisle, said that this mission’s objective was to recruit some 30 workers in Tunisia, including heavy-duty tire installers and car mechanics. AURAY Sourcing was able to customize the recruitment mission by organizing air and ground transportation and accommodation, finding locations for hands-on tests and proposing activities that immersed them in Tunisian culture.

The recruitment mission in Tunisia was a success for Pneus Bélisle thanks to AURAY’s expertise and support. The collaboration allowed the business to select competent workers aligned with its values and meet its staffing needs.

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