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Professional Recruitment

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Recrutement de professionnels

Corporate culture, challenges and surprising career paths inspire us to find exceptional professionals who will help you achieve your ambitions. For us, headhunting is much more than a profession. It's a passion. That's why we go the extra mile to find and attract the best talent to join our clients' organizations.

Our actions and motivations when it comes to recruitment are guided by our values of diversity, equity and inclusion every step of the way.

Our approach is based on:​

  • A transparent selection process based on industry best practices
  • The use of artificial intelligence in our screening process (ATS) – efficient, objective and fair
  • The assurance of a great candidate experience and our commitment to your values
  • Internal policies and employee awareness program
  • A respectful, inclusive and accessible workplace
  • A strong employer brand


An eight-step process:
  1. Analysis of the position’s challenges based on your business context
  2. Assessment of the desired profile in relation to your business needs
  3. Proven attraction and search strategies based on market targets
  4. Headhunting: we approach potential candidates
  5. Use of our extensive network of local, national and international business contacts
  6. Assessment: skills, leadership, motivation, growth potential
  7. In-depth interviews, selection committee moderation and selection of the finalist candidate
  8. Post-hiring follow-up

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