Frequently Asked Questions


How can we save time in the qualified workers recruiting process?

Thanks to our advanced selection and recruiting system, we have a bank of candidates who have been prequalified by our certified recruiters and recruiting department. These are all preselected and qualified candidates who are ready to come to Quebec.

Do we have to attend recruiting missions with other employers?

Because we have a bank of prequalified candidates, you can avoid having to travel and participate in recruiting missions abroad, which saves you time and money. Our global network of recruiting partners can complete the candidate search in accordance to your standards and needs. Our recruiting and selection process ensures a personalized, rapid and efficient approach.

What countries do you recruit in?

We have a global network of recruiting partners, which means we can recruit anywhere in the world and can adapt to your specific needs, both in terms of country of origin and required profession.

How long does the process take?

The government does not guarantee the processing time. However, a worker who comes from a visa-free country can usually complete the immigration process within five months. For International Experience Canada candidates (depending on the participating countries), the process can be reduced to two months. Contrarily, if the worker needs a visa and a medical examination, the waiting time from beginning to end can vary between six and eight months depending on the country of origin.

Can we easily find workers who speak English?

Along with English-speaking countries, we also recruit in countries where workers can learn English in six to eight months before their departure. With the help of our local partners, we can offer English courses once the workers arrive, either inside or outside the workplace.

I hired a TFW before the crisis and they are still in their home country. What can I do until they arrive in Canada?

First off, contact your future employee as soon as possible to make sure they still plan on coming to Canada. If that’s the case, reassure them that the job they were hired for will still be available when they get here. If possible, set a potential arrival date and coordinate travel logistics between their home country and Canada. You can also request to extend the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to give your employee more time to travel to Canada.

I temporarily laid off TFWs who were working for me. What can I do to help them until business reopens?

Communication is key. Keep in touch with your employees and keep them informed of your plans to eventually reopen. Since the borders are closed, your TFWs cannot return to their home country and they must continue to cover their needs during the unemployment period. Let them know they’re eligible for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) and refer them to the website where they can submit their applications. This will ensure that your TFWs can cover their needs during the crisis and remain available when business resumes.

I want to rehire the TFW after the crisis. How can I make sure they’re legally allowed to stay in Canada until then?

The worker should stay in Canada during the unemployment period. So, they must maintain a legal status throughout their stay. If their work permit is about to expire, you have two options:

• You can apply for a work permit extension for employees;
• You can change their status to a visitor status.

In all cases, the worker must have a valid permit allowing them to stay in Canada.


How can I apply?

To accelerate the process, please go to the Candidates section on our site, where you will find the information about the available jobs. Simply click on “Apply now” for the position you are interested in. You can be assured your application will be processed promptly. It’s important to complete all mandatory fields and attach the required documents.

I can’t find a job that suits me. Can I submit my CV anyway?

If you cannot find a job that suits your profile, we suggest that you submit your CV in the Spontaneous Application section that can be found on the Candidates page.

Can I email my CV?

Unfortunately, email applications will not be processed. Only the CVs sent when applying for a specific job or submitted as a Spontaneous Application on our website will be considered and all CVs are analyzed using the same criteria.

What are the next steps after my interview?

As part of our recruitment process, we contact most of the candidates to better understand your education and career paths, as well as evaluate the professional skills related to the field. Once this step is finished, your profile will be part of our database.

If their application fits a profile requested by one of our clients, we will proceed with further evaluations, such as a second video interview as well as practical and theoretical tests, if necessary.