Immigration: Solution to Labour Shortage in Quebec

For several years, Quebec has been facing a labour shortage, a phenomenon that has been amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has severely impaired the current economic context. The province had nearly 150,000 vacant positions in 2020, 21,730 more than in 2019 for the same period.

For businesses, this is a major challenge since some entrepreneurs are unable to recruit workers to meet their needs. They are therefore forced to refuse work, which has direct repercussions on the province’s economic development. As a result, some regions are suffering.

According to a survey conducted by the Conseil du patronat du Québec (CPQ) which was published in La Tribune, 50% of vacant positions are both specialized and non-specialized, particularly in the Eastern Townships region.

Immigration: Solution to Labour Shortage in Quebec | AURAY Sourcing

This labour shortage is here to stay

Several solutions are being considered, including immigration to attract new talent.

Immigration can indeed meet the growing needs of the labour market. AURAY Sourcing recruits skilled workers to find the best talent around the world, while ensuring proven work experience and cultural diversity.

We recruit in thirteen countries, including several French-speaking countries to make it easier for workers to integrate.

AURAY Sourcing offers a complete, turnkey service to help businesses with international recruiting, which includes the following three dimensions:

– Recruiting and talent acquisition;

– Immigration and international mobility;

– Socio-professional integration.

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