Manufacturing Testimonial : Jacques Fréchette from TMS Système has the support of AURAY Sourcing

International recruitment is a series of steps that no longer hold any secrets for the AURAY Sourcing team, the best ally for Quebec companies in need of qualified workers. Find out how Jacques Fréchette, Director of Human Resources at TMS Système in Saint-Henri-de-Lévis, achieves his goals thanks to our team, then meet three workers from Madagascar and Cameroon.

TMS, a prefabricated building structures specialist, recruits workers from abroad in the hope of building long-term relationships with them. In order to go through all the steps leading to permanent residency and eventually Canadian citizenship, Jacques Fréchette wanted to work with dedicated and qualified professionals capable of advising him on both the choice of candidates and the legal aspects of the steps involved. With this in mind, AURAY Sourcing was assigned to help the Saint-Henri company acquire talent from around the world. Today, of the 175 employees, about 40 were recruited internationally.

Before coming to Quebec to join TMS as a gypsum board handler, Razalimahay Ny Tiavina Miharison had a hard time finding work in his country, since there are few factories in Madagascar. 

This is why his fellow countryman, Lanto Randriamampianina, an outer shell handler with TMS, opted to move to Canada.

“In Canada, there are a lot more opportunities,” says Razalimahay. “The first step is to get my Canadian citizenship and the next one is to bring my wife over.”

“In the long term, I would like my family to be here, I’d like my brothers to be here,” says Lanto, who likes to dream big. “I would like to be a permanent resident because, after that, there will be a lot of opportunities for me. I would like to progress at TMS. I’d like to master everything about construction. Because I’m someone who’s ambitious, curious and dynamic. 

To ensure the well-being of workers from abroad, it is also necessary to consider their need to live close to their loved ones. AURAY is fully aware of this and makes every effort to meet this need. Sylvie Karasira, International Mobility Consultant with AURAY Sourcing, works with a team of lawyers and consultants to find job opportunities for spouses and family members who would also like to settle in Canada. 

The immigration process is long and takes persistence and patience, for both employers and workers. At the same time, it offers hope and results in major success stories. 

Denis Yopan-Nana started a new life as a welder in TMS’s joists department. He recognizes that it takes a strong spirit to uproot yourself from your country; Cameroon in his case, to leave your family and adapt to a new culture and climate. But it was worth the effort. After moving to Canada to study, he was happy to join a team of young people at TMS, where he could grow, gain experience and make friends. He quickly felt that he was welcomed.

“I’ve been surrounded by people who made me feel that I was not alone here, that I belonged,” says Denis who truly loves his new environment. 

“Like I say to my family: You know, I’m a Cameroonian by birth, but my heart is in Quebec.”

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