More foreign workers to be hired in Quebec

Agreements are underway between the governments of Quebec and Ottawa to increase the number of temporary foreign workers in Quebec companies.

“This is an excellent initiative by our government to address the labour shortage experienced by our Quebec companies. Many of our clients are delighted to hear this long-awaited news. Indeed, programs are currently very limited and these new measures will greatly facilitate the hiring of foreign workers in Quebec. We hope that a new list of simplified processing will also be published quickly to ease procedures in the sectors of the economy most affected by the shortage,” said Wayne Tessier, General Manager of AURAY Sourcing.

“The labour needs of many Quebec employers are critical and will intensify as the economic recovery accelerates. In some cases, access to labour will decide whether businesses survive or close,” said Minister Jean Boulet in La Presse.

The announcement will be made in the next few days. Here are the highlights:

  • Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP)

Increased the threshold for the number of temporary foreign workers per worksite from 10% to 20% in the low-wage ($23.07 and below) stream in specified economic sectors.

Expanded eligibility for simplified processing to include low-skilled occupations (technical occupations that usually require a secondary level education) identified by Quebec.

  • Transitional Open Work Permit (TOWP)

Permission to certain temporary foreign workers who are residing in Quebec to occupy an employment of their choice while waiting for the processing of their permanent residence application. These workers must have the Certificate of Selection of Quebec (CSQ) in the “Skilled Workers” category. TOWP will be issued for an initial duration of 24 months, and renewable for an additional period of 12 months. Administrative burdens have been eliminated for an employer to hire such temporary foreign worker.

  • International Mobility Program Plus (PMI+)

This new program is intended for certain foreign workers, holders of CSQ who are currently overseas. This program intends to facilitate and accelerate the arrival of these foreign workers to Quebec in order to occupy an employment in Quebec. Administrative burdens have been greatly decreased for an employer to hire such foreign worker.

With these three new measures, Quebec businesses will have efficient access to a greater pool of foreign workers to alleviate their problem of labour shortage.


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For more information, visit the government website: click here.



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