Quebec: A Great Place to Work, Invest and Live

The past year has been one of the most turbulent for immigration in Canada. The great upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in just 184,000 immigrants being admitted to the country in 2020, the lowest admission level since 1998.

The government is committed to correcting this over the next few years. But will immigrants show up? Everything leads us to believe that they will, and with good reason. Canada, and more specifically Quebec, remains an excellent place to work, invest and live.

Foreign workers are welcome

In spite of the pandemic, Canada ranked first among the most appealing countries for foreign workers in 2020. Quebec is the province with the lowest unemployment rate in the country. Several employment sectors are facing a labour shortage and are actively seeking international workers. Whether in the manufacturing, life sciences, aeronautics or information technology sectors, there is a wide range of interesting jobs for foreign candidates.

La belle province remains a coveted location, for both the quality of its jobs and the advantageous working conditions enjoyed by its workers.


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Quebec: Open to Foreign Investors

Investors can take advantage of a tax rate that is among the lowest in the G7 countries, as well as a favourable tax system. Here again, Quebec is doing well. There is an abundance of competitively priced green energy and an extremely qualified workforce (one of the most educated in the OECD). Montreal, the province’s largest metropolis, also has one of the most fluent populations in two, if not three, languages in the entire country. It is not surprising that some of the largest hubs in the video game, aerospace and artificial intelligence industries are located in Montreal.


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A great place to live

What about the quality of life in Quebec? It is a secure society with a stable political system, offering its citizens universal health care, quality, low-cost educational institutions and a healthy environment. It is a vibrant, multicultural, multilingual and welcoming place—in other words, a great place to live.

With the vaccination process well underway in the country, we can now expect that borders will re-open and we’ll gradually return to normalcy. COVID-19 will soon be behind us and Quebec will be ready, once again, to welcome newcomers, and there is no doubt that many of them will show up. Quebec is, after all, a land of opportunity.



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