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The incumbent manages all activities of the Syndic's Office. He or she leads a team of investigators, assistant trustees and assistant trustee-attorneys, and conducts investigations to determine whether the actions of trustees comply with the codes of ethics and the Act respecting the distribution of financial products and services and its regulations.

Position summary

Manage the Office of the Trustee
– Participate in the organization’s strategic decisions as a member of the Executive Committee in order to contribute to ChAD’s mission and vision.
– Ensure the efficient management of the Syndic’s Office operations by coaching and developing the staff under his/her responsibility.
– Contribute to the improvement of the professional practices of certified employees.
– Participate in budget preparation and ensure proper use of allocated financial resources.
– Ensure compliance with ChAD policies, guidelines and procedures.
– Establish and monitor operational performance indicators for the Syndic’s Office and ensure that established objectives are met.

Supervise investigations
– Monitor investigation operations and ensure that deadlines are met.
– Ensure the consistency of decisions taken and oversee the smooth administrative operation of the Syndic’s Office.
– Decide whether or not to file a formal complaint with the ChAD Disciplinary Committee.
– Coordinate the holding of hearings, in particular by determining the strategy with the prosecutor, attending hearings, testifying if necessary and deciding on suggested sanctions.
– Receive and analyze Disciplinary Committee decisions, and decide whether or not to appeal.
– Participate in annual meetings of the compliance managers of the Canadian Insurance Regulatory Organizations (CIRO).
– Participate in quarterly meetings with the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) to discuss investigative files and matters of common interest.
– According to the agreed supervision plan, report on the results of his sector to the CEO, the Board of Directors and the Autorité des marchés financiers.

Skills and competencies to excel in the role / profile sought

Education and requirements
– Bachelor’s degree in law or other relevant discipline.
– Experience associated with a practice in disciplinary law or insurance, particularly property and casualty insurance.
– A minimum of eight years’ relevant experience, particularly as a manager.
– Mastery of ethical practices.
– Mastery of the laws and regulations governing damage insurance representatives (LDPSF and its regulations, codes of ethics) and exercise of the powers vested in him/her by law and the applicable sections of the Professional Code.
– Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite.
– Fluency in French and good knowledge of spoken and written English.

Competency profile
– Autonomy and judgment.
– Confidentiality, discretion and integrity.
– Respect for established rules.
– Impartiality.
– Strategic and transformational leadership.
– Sense of responsibility and commitment.
– Collaborative spirit and delegation skills.
– Interpersonal skills and collaboration.
– Excellent oral communication skills.
– Excellent writing skills.
– Analytical skills, thoroughness and attention to detail.
– Capacity for research, synthesis and popularization.
– Comfortable with information systems and technologies.
– Sense of initiative.
– Results-oriented.
– Demonstrate a high level of professionalism.

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