General Manager

Municipal Montérégie
Proclaimed Best Canadian City for Family Quality of Life, Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville is proud to serve its population of over 27,000. With its many historic sites and monuments, Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville makes it a point of honor to retain its 5 "fleurons" for the quality of its outdoor amenities.

Respect, transparency, accountability, initiative and performance are integral to the values that guide every employee as they proudly grow within our organization.

The city's culture is guided by fundamental values (Respect, Customer focus, Visionary leadership, Commitment, Well-being, Ethics and Justice). With a strong commitment to its residents, Saint-Bruno is energetically involved in making life better for its citizens, relying on the collaboration of local players as well as on open and constant dialogue with its citizens, because it recognizes that the city belongs to them. The sustainable development perspective that drives us ensures the healthy, balanced and ambitious development of our territory. The city does everything in its power to offer a quality living environment that renews itself to reflect the creativity of its population. It innovates in the ways it works with its partners, and takes a bold approach to fostering its development and diversifying its economy. Our employees, key players in the quality of our services, make Saint-Bruno a learning and resilient city, dedicated to the well-being of the community.

Position summary

  • Under the authority of the City Council and in close collaboration with the Mayor, you are responsible for the administration of the City of Saint-Bruno. To this end, you plan, organize, direct and control activities in accordance with the orientations, objectives, priorities and schedules determined by the Mayor and City Council.
  • You act with a view to the sound administration of public funds, the progress of the Town and the well-being of its citizens.
  • You act as an ambassador for the City of Saint-Bruno, and your actions are constantly guided by the organization’s mission and values.
  • Working closely with the mayor and the management team, and in consultation with employee groups, you ensure the implementation of the city council’s program.
  • With a visionary, innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, you work with City Council to shape and implement innovative and creative avenues for improvement.
  • Also, by implementing innovative management practices focused on process optimization, you maintain and promote a flexible organization, capable of adapting to the changing needs of local communities and supporting citizens and the City’s partners in their participation in Saint-Bruno’s development.
  • In addition to ensuring the development of synergy between the various stakeholders that make up the municipal apparatus, you ensure fluid communication between the municipal council, civil servants, city employees and the community.

Main tasks and responsibilities

Governance, Collaboration and Partnership Management:

  • Establish and ensure lasting relationships based on collaboration, dialogue and inclusion with the Mayor and members of City Council, commissions and other committees, members of the City’s management team, as well as all the various government (federal and provincial), regional, municipal and civil society partners.
  • Manage the City while enabling citizens to influence decisions and actively participate in local governance.
  • Coordinate and facilitate the exchange of information between the administration, City Council and its committees.
  • Participate in City Council meetings as well as certain committees and commissions.

Management of organization and administration:

  • Ensure that the City’s major orientations and initiatives are carried out, and that the orientations and actions of the various departments are consistent with each other.
  • Manage all activities and resources required for the integrated and optimal management of the City’s human, information, technological, material and financial resources.
  • Assume a leading advisory role on how to achieve the orientations, objectives and timetables of the Mayor and City Council members; present and explain the recommendations of the departments under his or her supervision, and exercise primary responsibility for implementing the orientations adopted by these bodies.
  • Design and determine the City’s administrative strategies, policies and procedures.
  • Under the authority of the Town Council and in collaboration with the Directors, oversee the preparation and presentation of the budget and of plans, programs and projects designed to ensure the smooth running of the Town.

Challenges of the position

  • To manage and administer municipal interests in a context of growth and the associated imponderables.
  • Promote efficiency and synergy between departments by optimizing communications and exchanges.

Skills and competencies to excel in the role / profile sought


  • University degree in business administration or related field.


  • Ten years’ relevant experience in a management position.
  • Significant experience in a municipal environment.
  • Any combination of relevant training and experience may be considered.

Specific skills

  • Communicate effectively by adapting to different groups, including employees, boards and committees, government bodies, citizens and the City’s partners.
  • Ability to build effective, synergistic teams to achieve organizational goals and mobilize resources.
  • Demonstrate strategic ability in optimizing resources to ensure the organization’s growth and prosperity.
  • Provide mobilizing leadership through initiative and commitment.
  • Establish positive interpersonal relations with all players within and outside the municipal community (government, business, culture, etc.).
  • Strong negotiation and anticipation skills.
  • Demonstrate a sense of innovation and ability to manage organizational change.
  • Master the principles of budget management with ease.
  • Easily identify challenges and manage them in solution mode.
  • Combine political acumen with a pragmatic mindset.
  • Strong business networks.
  • Demonstrate great availability and ability to listen.
  • Good knowledge of English.
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